Here are just some of the services we offer. To inquire about additional services, please call us at (217) 228 9114

Criminal & Civil Investigations

With our wide range of expertise, including prior-law enforcement staff, we tackle cases ranging anywhere from missing person cases, arson investigation, workers compensation, and much more.

Standard Rate $75.00/hour
Standard Trace on Request $35.00/hour


Our team of investigators is available 24/7 to conduct video, photo, and personal surveillance. Rates vary depending on the size and scope of the case, but no job is too small.

This service can include personal surveillance, static cameras, and routine inspection.

Private Security

This service can include home protection and private escort. Whatever the scope, we have the man-power and equipment to handle security-related operations.

Interview Techniques

Our main objective during interviews is to gather factual data that can be used in court proceedings or to further investigations. Like it or not, we WILL get the facts!

Service of Process

As private investigators, we are licensed to serve legal documents in Illinois, Iowa, and Missourri. What separates us from the competition is the extra time and effort we put in to make sure our cases get closed.

Quincy Rate $60.00/hour
Regular $90.00/hour

Rock Island County, IL Mercer County, IL Warren County, IL Fulton County, IL
Hancock County, IL Schuyler County, IL Brown County, IL Pike County, IL
Scott County, IL Greene County, IL Calhoun County, IL Des Moines County, IA
Henry County, IL Van Buren County, IA Lee County, IA Scotland County, MO
Clark County, MO Lewis County, MO Adair County, MO Knox County, MO
Shelby County, MO Marion County, MO Monroe County, MO Ralls County, MO
Pike County, MO

Skip Tracing

The process of locating a person's whereabouts can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Our technology, experience, and access to databases make us an ideal asset to finding lost or missing persons.

Rates vary depending on the amount of information requested.


Whether for background checks or employment purposes, fingerprints are often required. Our office is licensed to produce both LiveScan (digital) and ink-card fingerprints.

FeeApp (Federal/State)$60.00 ($75.00 for rush-serves)
UCIA (State)$35.00
Healthcare Worker Registry$40.00
Ink Cards$30.00

Locksmith & Alarm Systems

We provide expert service in installation, repair, and maintenance of locks and alarm systems. We can also assess threat levels to determine what system is best for your home or property.

Service including but not limited to security assessment, installation, and repair.

Property Maintenance & Inspection

Unoccupied or abandoned properties are targets for trespassing. Installing cameras, changing locks, and providing regular surveillance and inspections are some of many ways we can secure and maintain a property.

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